We are here to create the ESCO world for You

The Nemex S.A Company is part of a group of international entities building the ESCO world. Nowadays we move the center of gravity of our services from Municipalities to support individual Customers. The modern financial model of ESCO allows to generate savings, which we want to share with other people. The main purpose of our activity is to substantially increase purchasing power of the individual. As a result, YOU and YOUR needs are the most important for us!

Nemex S.A. is one of the most important parts of Your ESCO world because it provides services that you choose. We are pursuing to create possibly the widest range of services in order to fulfill all the needs of ESCO Customers. We believe that we contribute to significant improvement of life standards of many people and to improvement of their satisfaction from life.

If you want to know more about the ESCO World we encourage You to read this website as well as the websites of other entities involved in building this world such as: Silesium Development S.A. and Financial & Capital Trust S.A.

Registration data

KRS: 0000367556
REGON: 140845016

NIP: 952-20-11-467
Share capital: 106.263.260 PLN
E-mail: biuro@nemex.pl

Address for correspondence

18A/15 Obrońców Tobruku street
01-494 Warsaw

Main Entities of the Capital Group

Financial & Capital Trust S.A. is international investment fund, which’s portfolio consists of companies taking part in creation and leading projects concerning the ESCO world. By its business model the fund offers for its investors predetermined rate of return during 25 years. At the same time due to characteristics of the investments the involved capital is constantly protected.
LED Holding S.A. specializes to provide measurement of street lighting in lumens for square meter for Municipalities. Lamps that are used in this service base on modern LED technologies and the Direct Drive what allows us to generate predetermined savings for Municipalities. Municipalities pay to LED Holding S.A. only a monthly fee and no longer need to worry about the maintenance and service of street lighting.
Silesium Development S.A. is a company involved in building ESCO houses for our Customers. This activity allows us to obtain own ideal flats for thousands of people who until today could not afford to buy the flat or a house. By paying only one ESCO monthly fee, without any added interest, everyone in ESCO world can enjoy their own property which was created according to their needs.

About Nemex S.A.

Nemex S.A. is the Company which delivers to its customers ESCO services. This means that you obtain everything you need, paying the single monthly fee.