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What is ESCO

ESCO world had been created for all the people who want to improve their standards of life. Anyone and everyone can substantially increase purchasing power of his work with the innovative financial model prepared by the Group of Global Investment Funds. The material assets and services, that were out of your range up to now, are now being offered to you for your daily use and now you can fully enjoy the benefits. It is enough that you understand how much ESCO world is offering you and once understood you will never leave. WELCOME!

ESCO Services

Services in the ESCO world are the essential elements giving you freedom and the joy of life. If you declare what kind of service are you interested in - our task is to deliver them to your door, as the customer of ESCO. Just think what do you need, and imagine that you can have it tomorrow. Do not wait with making your dreams come true.

ESCO House

ESCO House is your base in the ESCO world. The modern financial model of purchasing the house or apartment gives a real chance to all people without the creditworthiness with the banks to obtain their own house or apartment without paying bank's charges and high interest rates. Our advanced technology which is used to build our houses and apartments significantly shortens the time of waiting.

LED street lighting

Nowadays every municipality is pressed by its own financial limits to find every possibility of saving funds. Changing the HPS power–consuming street lamps to our modern LED lamps leads not only to lower electricity bills for the municipality but also the increase of its income stream, new social flats and new jobs for local people, All of that is already possible.

Latest news

Nemex Limited is the major shareholder

Another Asset Exchange Agreement was signed and according to it Alder Germany Limited is not a major shareholder of Nemex S.A. anymore. 

The shareholders signed Asset Exchange Agreements

Yesterday part of shareholders of the Company Nemex S.A. signed Asset Exchange Agreements and by this decision the ownership of shares they owned was moved into Alder Germany Ltd seated in United Kingdom.

Silesium Development S.A. prepares first projects

Silesium Development S.A. - the Company responsible for building ESCO Houses - works on preparing first projects of buildings ready to be realized immediately.

Submit an idea for a service just for You

If You have an idea for a service which we do not offer yet, submit it to us. We will do everything we can in order to create it for You.

About Nemex S.A.

Nemex S.A. is the Company which delivers to its customers ESCO services. This means that you obtain everything you need, paying the single monthly fee.