Your ideal appartment
finally within Your reach

Your ESCO House

ESCO House is the base of your functioning in Your ideal ESCO world. Everyone who is looking for his own house or flat, in particular one who hasn’t had enough credit ability in banks up to now, can obtain his own ESCO flat or house he dreams about.

Due to modern ESCO financing model and the partnership with an international investment fund the monthly fees related to buying your ideal house are definitely lower than the mortgages there are available on the market. In addition within the ESCO fee paid by all of our Customers each one of them obtains the basic services such as: electricity, television, internet, telephone or medical services. Below You can find a comparison of conditions of buying 50 square meters flat in ESCO system and using the mortgage.

If you want to finally have your ESCO House and fully use all the benefits brought by ESCO world go to the Silesium Development S.A. website to get to know all the necessary information how you can do it.

About Nemex S.A.

Nemex S.A. is the Company which delivers to its customers ESCO services. This means that you obtain everything you need, paying the single monthly fee.