The modern LED street lighting

The street lighting for Municipalities

Within the ESCO model framework we deliver and install the LED street lighting for Municipalities free of charges. The settlement of the investment is done by sharing savings which Municipalities gain by using our lamps. Signing the MESA (Managed Energy Service Agreement) our Customers receive guaranteed precise savings and we choose the technology and the equipment allowing us to decrease the consumption of energy in Municipalities.

Among the advantages of our modern LED technology we can indicate high efficiency, high endurance, long service life, no UV emission, targeted beam of light, small dimensions, very short time of reaction and they also don’t cause eye fatigue. Together with all of the benefits brought by the ESCO financial model this is the best available offer for Municipalities.

We encourage you to see our detailed offer of changing street lighting prepared especially for Municipalities. This offer is available on the website of LED Holding S.A. which is specialized in LED technology.

About Nemex S.A.

Nemex S.A. is the Company which delivers to its customers ESCO services. This means that you obtain everything you need, paying the single monthly fee.