Tell us what do You need and leave the rest to us

What are ESCO Services?

One of the most important elements of ESCO world, where you can step into by buying ESCO House under unbelievably attractive conditions, are ESCO Services delivered by Nemex S.A. Thanks to these services everyone can enjoy their daily life forgetting all the troubles. Services which are provided by the Company include not only basic ones needed by everyone everyday but also a wide range of additional services, being in fact unlimited.

With just one monthly ESCO fee the owner of the ESCO House obtains the access to any ESCO services he chooses. Our services are determined only by the needs and desires of our Customers.

One thing is certain - ESCO Services means lower prices than prices offered by local providers during the whole time of the agreement. What does it mean? It means that even for over 100 years you can enjoy high quality services offered by your favorite companies but prices you pay for them are unbelievable. How often  did you dream about services that were out of your reach? With ESCO now most of them are within your grasp. You only need to choose what you need!

Basic Services

Basic services that are automatically the standard for each one of ESCO Customers who bought a house or a flat from us. Depending on location we cooperate with different providers but each service is of high quality and fulfills the most important everyday needs. We encourage You to read about details of services, which you get included in the price of the house or the flat you bought.

Water and liquid waste

We deliver You drinking water and collect liquid waste.


Since now you will be in contact with everybody who is close to you.

The base of the music

Very useful in moments when you want to relax listening to a good music.


With us You can insure for any case.


Thanks to our heat delivery there will be always warm atmosphere in Your house.


All Your favorite TV channels in one place.

Legal advice

With us there will not be any legal secret for you anymore.

Waste collection

We will collect any kind of solid waste.


The electricity is the base of functioning of most facilities at home.

Medical services

With us you will take care of your family’s health.

Accounting services

We will help you keeping the accountant’s books for Your Company.


Be always online with ultrafast internet.

Tax advice

You will never stay alone to understand taxes.

The base of movies

In the moments you want to relax watching a good film.

Additional Services

Additional services are unlimited, created together with our ESCO Customers. Each of our Customers choose what services he wants to receive within the monthly ESCO fee. How much we can offer to You depends only on You and Your needs. We continously widen the range of our services by adding new ones as well as adding new partners. At the same time we encourage our Customers to submit their own ideas for services there are needed, which they did not find in our base. Below You can find the current list of services we deliver.

Servers and domains

Start to exist in the internet having your own website.


Use them, wherever you want to go.


Z nami utrzymasz swoją formę ćwicząc tam, gdzie będziesz chciał.

Remote medicine

You don’t need to wait in long queues anymore in order to see your doctor.

Financial services

All what you need in your daily personal finances.

Satellite internet

There is no question where are you, stay online.

Gas for cooking

Your best source of the gas for cooking.

Rent a car

Use the car as your own one.

Cheap shopping

Buy any kind of goods cheaper than You did until today.

Submit an idea for a service just for You

If You have an idea for a service which we do not offer yet, submit it to us. We will do everything we can in order to create it for You.

About Nemex S.A.

Nemex S.A. is the Company which delivers to its customers ESCO services. This means that you obtain everything you need, paying the single monthly fee.